Advertising Copywriter

When you are going to the trouble and expense to pay for an advert you should really use an advertising copywriter.

Jings Crivens! I’m a copywriter so I’m ‘GOING’ to say that right?

Well, maybe, but in the space you are paying for your ad, you can’t afford any wasted words or images.

Why? After all – the big banks and airlines have full page ads in the broadsheet newspapers that sometimes have just one word, why can’t I do that?

Let me ask you can you afford to gamble like that? It certainly seems like it is the correct way to advertise but is it really?

Let’s dial it back a little here and ask a very important question: What outcome do you want from running this ad?

You most probably want people to take some kind of action.

A trained advertising copywriter will be able to distill the needs wants and desires of your market, discover their major pain points and come up with an ad that gets them responding.

So, you want tight correlation between the images and the benefits your product delivers.

And the very last thing you want is a business card in print.

Your prospects don’t care about anything apart from whether you can fulfil their want need or desire in an easy way that is good value.

No-one buys anything without first seeing the value. (hint: it’s not all about 50% reductions and sales).

So we need to demonstrate enough value for them to take the next step, and sometimes we don’t have very much space to do that in, which is why hiring an advertising copywriter to choose the right words can make all the difference.

Let’s have an informal chat to see how I might be able to make a difference to your advertising. Send me a message to get started.