How to Find a Freelance writer for hire.

If you are looking to find a freelance writer you’ve come to the right place. find a freelance writer for hire

I can pretty much write anything you need.

Hello, I’m Ian Dove.

I have a wide skillset and experience.

And my rates are very reasonable.

So what is it that you need a professional writer for?

Like all good sales pitches it’s a good idea to know a little about what the client needs. Before telling him about how marvellous you are.

So I have a problem here, I know you are looking to find a freelance writer for hire because you came to this page. But to write what exactly?

Perhaps you can let me know.

A few common questions when you hire a freelance writer.

One of the biggest worries clients have about freelancers is: are they going to be able to extract all the value the freelancer delivers or will it be too much for them.

And that’s a valid concern.

Normally I ask if I can work quite closely with a creative team and together we get the job done.

Will the freelancer be easy to work with?

They don’t want an unmanageable slob who doesn’t return emails and phone calls and doesn’t deliver on time.

Um, that’s not me. See my tagline above, I believe in integrity.

Can I write a million dollar sales letter? Yes, if you have a million dollar product. (Please don’t ask me this).

It’s a bit expensive.

Is it? When your car has a blowout or there is water pouring through your ceiling, you call an expert don’t you?

Just for the record here I base my work time on £20 per hour or £200 per day.

What if we do this and it doesn’t work.

Well, I’ll make it work. At any rate, you should be using direct response techniques. Run A/B tests and based on those results we can look at it again.

If you have any further questions or want to start a conversation contact me through my form.