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Perhaps We can help?

Hello, I’m Ian Dove and I can tell you that my network of US, Canadian and UK based freelance copywriters can cover almost any writing task or project you might need and we’re available to hire right now.

We don’t know about you or what you need right now, but don’t worry, later on we can have a short conversation to discover exactly what will help you the most.

Most likely the problem is that even though you know your product and market thoroughly, you don’t know how to connect your buyers to your product efficiently.

And that’s just it because we know how to connect products and services to the desires of markets, but at the moment We don’t know the specifics of your product and market or your needs.

It’s a bit of a partnership between you and us to find the right message.

This is why when you hire one of us you can expect us to ask a lot of questions.

Things to bear in mind when you work with us and some suggestions to be thinking about.

  • We will need to know what are you trying to achieve.
  • What would be the very best result, your dream outcome.
  • Send all the information you have. Past promotions, what the competition is doing, Testimonials etc
  • Can We talk to anybody, the MD/CEO, production, a client perhaps?
  • When we both agree on a deadline We will stick to it.
  • We can begin work when you have delivered all the relevant information, and…
  • When we have received an initial 50%.
  • You will get the opportunity to request revisions on any work submitted twice.

This schema should be fairly standard when you hire copywriters.

These vary of course, according to what you need.

Which is why copywriting fees vary so much.

The hire fees will be based on how much time will be required to produce the work effectively according to your goals.

We are not the most expensive but then not the cheapest either, because this reflects our experience and ability to get you the result you want.

Just so you know, we can write, web pages (We’re particularly good at SEO). Email Autoresponder sequences. Regularly scheduled Nurture Emails. Cold prospecting emails. Sales pages. Squeeze pages. Direct response mail. Display advertising. Classified Advertising. And many others.

I’m sure you will be looking for one or more of those, most people are.

However, I’m mostly interested in delivering outstanding results for your company.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the US the Uk or Canada our freelance copywriters are available for hire and ready to deliver the results for you.

Sound good?

Ok, here’s what to do next: for an initial contact send a request through my online form. You should expect a fast response.