Seo Copywriter – Freelance

Getting seen in the search results is getting harder and harder which is why you need to use an seo copywriter but working freelance.

the most expensive copy is copy that doesn't use seo copywriting

These days it is possible to show up at the top of search engines by paying for an advert. Sometimes I’ve seen ads that are costing more than £10 per click. I can’t imagine what the ROI for those ads is. Can’t be very good can it?

The smart money though goes towards creating pages that do that job for free.

So instead of paying every time a prospect clicks your ad, you pay someone who can write an seo page.

This is cost effective and more importantly more credible.

A recent study showed that 83 percent people who use search ignore the resulting ads shown at the top, the study concluded that if someone had to pay to be at the top of the search results then they weren’t very reputable or trustworthy.

And that’s a big problem on the internet today isn’t it? credibility is very important it’s how Amazon built itself up into the giant it is today, simply by being consistent with its operation. Over time people now trust them and go directly when looking to buy something.

Seo copywriting does work and a freelancer can change things.

What difference would a free increase in visitors to your website make? Would you be able to close and fulfil more business?

Using copywriting and seo I can create or modify a page you already have and get it moving up the search rankings.

If you have a webpage that is sitting on page 4 or 5 of the search results then I want to talk with you. I can really make a difference to your business.

We should have a chat. I can look at what you have and put a proposal together that is results based, or in other words if your seo positioning doesn’t improve significantly, you don’t pay. That’s fair, isn’t it? It’s not all about the Freelance seo Copywriting, but it does help.

To begin simply send me a message through my contact and I’ll be right back to you.