Difficult market? Zany facts might be the answer.

Sometimes finding a zany fact or two can really help us get our message across.

Say for instance you are a company who produces IT security products and you want to promote your retinal and fingerprint user verification systems.

How might you do this?

Well, to a security minded IT manager this might seem like ‘going a bit too far’ as he probably believes that his password and two step authentication techniques give him a robust solution.

We have to shake that belief to get our message across.


Subject / Headline: Why 99p chocolate is dangerous to your IT security

You probably feel that you have your IT system locked down and secure. Many IT managers do, but in a 2016 study done by the University of Luxembourg they found something different.

It seems that the weakest element in any IT security are the actual users themselves.

After all, they are human and prone to make mistakes, sometimes catastrophic ones as we will see shortly.

Looming over most Security minded managers are the threats of phishing, malware and infected memory sticks brought in from outside the organisation.

And we all know that just one breach can lead to catastrophic breakdowns in IT security and leave your network and systems disabled and unusable.

But over at the University of Luxembourg they wanted to know if there was another way and the results were quite alarming.

They found that, when asked for their passwords, 48% of respondents gave them up in return for a bar of chocolate.

Worse than that, they also discovered that 30% of people gave up their passwords with NO chocolate.

So it follows that a criminal gang or other determined individual need only ask a few members of your staff to obtain their passwords.

Which is quite shocking. After all they need just one to break into your systems.

Can you imagine what effect that might have?

The simplest solution therefore is to do away with passwords completely.

That might seem a bit crazy to you but it isn’t, because there is solid technology behind that thinking.

Let me explain:

New Biometric systems can address nearly all security issues like this and they can be easily retro-fitted to existing IT systems quickly.

You can lock your system down for good by implementing fingerprint readers, facial recognition systems and even retinal scan technology if necessary.

To help us help you find the right solution for your enterprise and start you on the road to a truly secure system, make your enquiry now before someone goes shopping for chocolate.


That’s a slightly more technical problem than most clients have but I think it demonstrates very well how we can take an entrenched position and find something to make the prospect wobble enough to make the enquiry.