Email copywriter available September 2018

Email copywriter available to book during September 2018.

Gosh that sounds terribly dry.

I suppose things come and go in circles, people move on, and retire and just stop doing what they were doing to do something else. Because of that there are some spots open in my schedule.

An Email copywriter is one of those funny little jobs that look so very easy and are yet so very hard to get right.

Just take a look at the cold ones in your inbox and you realise that hardly anyone knows how to write them well.

To break through the mass of noise and clutter that is screaming for your prospects attention these days you need to give them something else. You need to be astonishing them, you need to send out stuff that is so astounding that they can’t wait for the next one to come.

That’s what I do.

If you are a little unsure if this is for you then here’s a quick summary of what I can do, if you aren’t at all sure but think you want to try something, get in touch. I’m not going to give you a hard sell and call you up 53 times a day asking for the job, with me, it either works for both of us or not at all.

  • Autoresponder sequences: a series of emails that go out after someone has bought something or signed up for something to try and upsell them on a more expensive course or product.
  • Cold: They don’t know you, and you don’t know them, works best for b2b and again, it’s that getting attention thing that is the hardest.
  • Newsletter: Generally doesn’t work. Tests show that you’re much better off taking the approach detailed below. if you want to know why get in touch.
  • Daily: Yes, daily, it works. Think of someone who doesn’t need something until they do…

For instance Someone comes into your hot tub showroom kicks a few tires says they’re not ready and leaves.

You’ve lost them, right? Not necessarily, if you capture their email and send email every day then at some point their motivation will turn from want to need. If you are in front of them telling them about how you’ve just installed a hot tub for Joe and he’s had this crazy party that everyone is talking about and now all the neighbours want one. Get the idea?

Anyway, using an email copywriter can dramatically improve your response and at the same time lift that creative load from your mind.

Get in touch today and we’ll see if what you have is a good fit and whether I can actually help you or not.