There are always questions, little niggling doubts that in the old days used to be called ‘objections’.

Let’s see if we an uncover some of those and clear them up for you.

1. I’ve seen you mention that there is a process to what you do, don’t you just sit down and write?

Um, no. Experience has shown me that there are specific steps that must be taken in order to produce best converting copy.

2. Isn’t that just a rubbish trick to inflate prices and cheat your customers.

Woah, that’s a strong question. No, really, have you ever sat down and tried to write something about a subject you aren’t completely familiar with? Not possible, and it’s certainly not possible to write great converting copy when you don’t understand the market (their wants needs and desires) and how your product or service satisfies that.

That’s not to say that I don’t understand various markets, just that nothing is set in concrete and I can’t know what you need until we have had an initial chat.

3. So can you write me a million dollar sales letter?

Yes, if you have a million dollar product and a big enough market. (please don’t ask me this question).

4. What if I hire you and then you don’t deliver on time.

That’s a worry to most clients, and quite rightly so. All I can say is that not everyone has the integrity to follow through on their promises, I find it is better to say either ‘NO’ or ‘I can’t get it to you until xxx’ if the deadline is going to be an issue.

Better still is to let you in on a little philosophy that has worked wonders for me for years, it comes from ‘The Pitbull of Personal Development’ a guy known as Larry Winget. He says:- “Do what you say you will do, when and how you say you will do it.

It works for me.

5. I need help with this but don’t want to appear weak or foolish because it’s just writing – right?

When a gas pipe leaks or your car has a blowout, you don’t mess about, you go to someone who is an expert.

Same with copy, getting copy right takes full time dedication non stop learning and practice, it’s one of those things that are far better left to an expert. You will get much better results.

6. Will you steal all my secrets and tell them to a competitor or set up on your own?

I don’t have the time, I’m far too busy to worry about anything like that, but if this bothers you I’m quite happy to sign a release or non disclosure agreement. No problem.

7. What if you come up with some brilliant strategies and ideas but we just won’t understand them or be able to make them work?

Truth: it does happen, but I’ll work closely with your marketing people and do everything I can to ensure every job goes smoothly, the most important thing is we turn our partnership into a success.

8. Will you actually be able to do what we need?

Any fool can say ‘yeah sure, no problem’, but I wouldn’t expect you to believe that so why don’t you let me PROVE it to you.

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