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If you are like most small and medium businesses you will know how they suffer because they don’t have the resources or knowledge to continually produce new marketing content. get freelance copywriting services

Chief of these problems is Time. It takes time to write, it takes focus and it takes clarity. These are three things that small and medium businesses don’t have a large capacity for.

Which is why my services can help you with almost any project you need written.

And what a lot of different types of freelance copywriting project there are.

But hey, I’m not going to give you a load of BS. hiring someone to do your writing is serious business.

Here’s how I work:

You can never give me too much information.

You should know I work in a precise yet persuasive way.

First, we both take a look at your marketplace and ask: how does this product or service satisfy their wants needs or desires. If we can’t find proof of this then I’m probably going to turn your project down.

Then we can go from there, knowing we have a great foundation to match your product or service to the marketplace.

There’s an old joke in copywriting services, “Really, back up the truck, you cannot give me too much information.”

If you have them I will need to see:

  • What has been sent before.
  • What the competition is doing.
  • What worked.
  • What didn’t.
  • Any trade news.
  • The instruction guide (if there is one).
  • If it’s a book, I’ll need it.
  • If it’s audio or video or a course, I’ll need to see it or hear it.
  • What have people said about your company and this product.

And that’s not an exhaustive list.

Working freelance, I might want to talk to your people, I might want to talk to the author or inventor I might want to speak to a client.

Really, the idea that really makes a promotion work can and often does come from anywhere.

Somewhere in there if we dig deep enough, will be a thread of gold.

Something that no-one has thought of before which could strike a big chord with your market.

There was an old story about David Ogilvy the great copywriter and marketer.

His agency had been asked to write and ad for Rolls Royce and they went through the motions I’ve described above but weren’t happy with the creative ideas coming out.

Ogilvy spent Three weeks researching the problem and this goes to show how if you dig deep enough, something will come out.

What he discovered in a dry, dusty and probably very boring technical manual were some specifications for the sound levels in the car.

This led him to write the classic headline

At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce¬†comes From the electric clock“.

Now, most people wouldn’t consider the ticking of an electric clock to be in the least bit annoying and if that’s the loudest thing it must be pretty quiet in there. Right?

Well trained copywriters know that the research is where an ad is made into a hit or a dud.

Expect to do a lot of research, it’s vital.

So by using my freelance copywriting services you can sell your product or service with a foundation of research.

What’s it going to be for your product or service? What kind of difference might that make to you?

Anyway, people tell me I’m easy to work with which is something clients always worry about.

I will work with your production people to deliver the project on time and ensure it is formatted and presented correctly according to your needs.

While you are here, take a look at my other copywriting services to see if what you are thinking of is mentioned.

Then get in touch to ask any question you might have.

I can’t cover every single kind of project type here. But if you use me for your copy I’ll have some very good ideas about how to go about them.

Get in touch today and we’ll have an informal chat.

I’m looking for people who have great products but poor current results I can dramatically improve.