A web copywriter will write all the copy for your website.

Is your site devastatingly effective, or abysmally poor?

I’m here to help you change a poor site into a supercharged selling machine.

It all begins with…

Search Rankings

Generally companies who hire a copywriter also want their websites and pages to appear in the search engines.

This is a skill I’m particularly good at. I don’t just do copywriting.

As of today, google tells me that there are 15,100,000 websites in it’s index on the topic of ‘web copywriter’.

Let me ask you… How did you arrive on this page? You most probably searched google on the web and found me near the top.

I can look at how the search engines see your site now. This reflects in the positions you have been given in the search results.

Fortunately this is changeable.

I can then suggest copywriting ways to improve that situation.

But as with most things you have to be a little bit subtle.

New Websites

If your site is brand new we can look at copywriting things such as your target market and how to pinpoint exactly how to talk to them.

A lot of new businesses set-up websites that are no more effective than business cards. I don’t know about you but I always lose other people’s business cards, you might want to think about that for a moment.

Sometimes businesses take a lot of trouble and spend money to get people on to their site only to lose them as soon as they leave.

There are powerful ways of maintaining a relationship between you and your prospects while they make up their minds.

A web copywriter can help you set that up.

Old Websites.

Mature websites already have a ‘footprint’ on the internet.

Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it’s not so good.

Before I became a copywriter I used to have a site selling “pork scratchings” waaaaaay back in 2007. Honing my copywriting skills back then even.

For various reasons I kept the domain going after the business was sold and used it for something else.

I always find it amazing that traces of that are still affecting the domain even today in 2018.

In this case it did not ‘harm’ the site but at the same time it doesn’t ‘help’ the site in the rankings either.

The point is that things that were done to promote your website on the internet as much as 10 or 15 years ago can still be affecting your search rankings today.

And YES there is such a thing as bad linking. Sometimes it’s called ‘toxic linking’ because it’s making your site ‘sick’ in the eyes of the search gods.

Again, fortunately this can be changed.

It takes work and dedication but it can be done. All depends on the power of your old domain.

I can create a situation report for you, if you are wondering if this kind of thing is affecting your site.

How copywriting helps with Continuity

Dan Kennedy says that a person needs 7 – 9 ‘touches’ from a business in order to have seen enough.

By that time most people will have made their minds up whether they are going to do business with you or not.

Yet some people still don’t buy. Not Yet.

It’s a bit like someone who needs a plumber, they only need him when their pipe leaks.

When a person’s motivation to solve a problem is so great they HAVE to do something, that’s when you need to be front of mind.

Get these powerful copywriting services for your own business.

Here’s the secret, not so secret key to internet success…

Get people coming to your website >> and keep in touch with them.

Simple. But devastatingly effective.

Or devastatingly abysmal if not done right.

Which is precisely where my email copywriting services come in handy.

Oh for the love of Larry, I don’t care if you use my services or not but for your own sake, keep in touch with them.

To find out more about how my copywriting skills can help you storm up the rankings and win more business for your organisation buzz me for an informal chat.