This SEO experienced Website Copywriter will get you Noticed and seen.

Where are all the Penguins?

Is your site invisible? With an SEO website copywriter you can make your site stand out like a flamingo at a penguin party.

Let’s be honest. If your website isn’t optimized and properly set-up to be found in the search results ( seo ) you’re going to be virtually invisible to potential clients searching for what you do.

And you can pretty much bet that your biggest competitor is going to be doing something about it while leaving you behind.

The sad thing is that doesn’t have to be true.

Caution: You can spend a LOT of money on SEO. but getting into the results is only half the battle. When people actually visit your website you need to be presenting them with copywriting that is really interesting, engaging and sells your product or service.

You see, sometimes I can re-write an existing page, get it tuned up so it’s running like a sewing machine and ranking in the search all for about $180 a page (obviously, this depends on how competitive your keywords are).

Maybe you were the original writer or you left the copywriting job to your website designer. Either way, don’t worry, we’re going to look at how we can permanently change the seo visibility of your site.

On this very page I’m going to tell you exactly what you have to do to get your site sucked up by the search gods and upheld as a shining example.

Let’s find out how.

You see, seo copywriting doesn’t stop with search.

Once people actually find and arrive on your website you have to keep them there. Your Website copywriter should know how to engage your visitors, keep them reading the copy and get them to respond this is ux.

Be honest, you are on the web already, yes? And what is the response? How many people make enquiries? Am I detecting the sound of tumbleweeds rolling by or is it just the crickets?

Actually that makes me angry and I expect you are less than happy about it too.

Let’s change that.

Website hurdle 1.

On the web there are programs that go about just hoovering up webpages. Usually these are referred to as ‘Bots’ Googlebot Bingbot etc or sometimes spiders.

website copy spider
Web Spiders Web Spiders everywhere.

If you go to a webpage (any should do) and right click your mouse, you should see an option on the pop up list that says something like ‘View Page Source’. If you click that it will show you the nuts and bolts of that particular webpage. A mess isn’t it?

This is the search engine’s view of the web. Clearly it’s very different from how humans see a website.

So, the search engines have developed ways to decide what a page is about from certain components on a page. Mostly they are referred to as megatags. [title] [url] [description] [headings] [copy].

Don’t worry about that too much, but they are all important in seo. When website copywriting you should know this stuff though.

Website hurdle 2.


We all know about keywords for seo, we all use them when we do a web search.

Keywords are tricky though. Not only do they have to be in the right places [metatags], but you can’t put too many in and your copywriting shouldn’t put too few in either. It’s a bit of a fine balance to get good ux and good seo. But it’s not the biggest challenge with keywords.

No, that beaut belongs to the keyword competition.

For instance, I don’t know how you arrived at this page but let’s assume you typed in  “Website Copywriter” Now, as of today google tells me that there are 16 millon results for that web search term. What do you think your chances might be for ranking on the first page for a web term like that?

No, me either.

So, as website copywriters we have to be a bit subtle and crafty. We have to find similar search terms that aren’t so competitive but reasonable amounts of people search for.

This is called Competitive Keyword Analysis.

Website hurdle 3.

The actual copywriting.

This is something not quite so important with seo but very important with ux.

You may have heard of several ‘formulas’ used in copywriting. Probably the most famous is AIDA.

Now, I’m not saying that particular formula is wrong or that you shouldn’t use it. Just that there are many formulas that you can use to write copy and your unique situation will determine which one to use.

What do I mean by that?

what kind of web copywriting is needed
Market Maturity What Kind of Copy is needed.

Well, mostly it’s to do with market maturity.

When the market is mature EVERYBODY knows what it is and what it does. Then we need to lead with Product and Price as our main topics.

When the market is brand new NO-ONE knows the first thing about it. Then we need to go into stories and secrets.

Then, of course there are a whole range of other positions in between those two extremes that will determine how you approach the website copy.

Essential elements of converting seo website copywriting.

  1. Strong Compelling Headline.
  2. Set-up a challenge or expectation.
  3. A story of some kind.
  4. Product features & Bullets, fascinations etc
  5. Build Value & tell the price.
  6. Remove as much risk as possible.
  7. Ask them to do something. [Um, like buy].

A good website copywriter will wrap those all into your pages. And there are other factors such as reading grade and formatting to worry about too. Eugene Schwartz the great copywriter came up with the what kind of copy idea waaaay before the first website was even thought of.

Website seo hurdle 4.

So, we now have our page, filled with relevant keywords in the right places and the search engines have found the page and put it in their index.

Now what?

You can check to see if any page is in the search index by typing “” (without the quotes of course) into the search box. This will show all the pages from your site that are in the index. But does the page appear in the search results?

That’s also easy to check, just type it in.

Now, do you remember earlier when I said that there were 16 million results? The search engines aren’t going to show you all 16 million.

website copywriting and too many search results
Too Many Results – Not Kidding

I’m sure they have enough headaches displaying the first 250 or so that they will report. After all, who, doing a proper search, wants more than 25 pages of results? Google would be pretty ashamed of itself if it couldn’t deliver the answer you wanted in 25 pages. But hopefully all things being equal and assuming you have done a great copywriting job then you should be ‘somewhere’ there.

Probably not on the first page though. But hey, congratulations, you have a ranking page in the web results.

Next on our list of website copywriting hurdles is to increase that rank by using an outreach linking program.

I will do an analysis of the market and look for relevant and topical sites in your market that could be contacted with a backlink request.

That’s basically how I go about getting client’s website to rank.

But it all depends on what a client needs. Copywriting needn’t cost thousands. Every seo job is different. It depends on what you need.

But if you do choose to make the investment it will give you a free stream of potential customers.

It’s your choice.

It’s not just the copywriting, there are many aspects to getting the seo web results you deserve and have been denied.

Some clients have a website that already shows on the results pages but they want to do better. ✔

There are many different ways you benefit from having free traffic to your site.

If you want me to do some seo and focussed website copywriting you can start a conversation with me on my contact form.

Or if you want you can test my web copywriter skills on the Terribly Tricky Tickle Test with some piece you already have.

At any rate my primary concern is to get your website out of the doldrums and ranking. Let’s get you moving up.