What newspapers can teach us about copywriting

There is something quite magical about our relationship with news media.

We are mysteriously drawn to specific publications. I’m sure you have your own favourites.

For instance, I’m sure you have a favourite newspaper, magazine or online source.

And when you read that newspaper: Can I ask? do you read ALL of it?

I’m sure your reply would be something like ‘No-one has the time to read all of the newspaper’, no-one with targets and goals to achieve anyway.

So, how do we choose the articles we do read and skip over the others?

Say for instance you are reading a magazine about tropical fish, you love your fish, you tend them and feed them, clean their tank and tell everyone you can about how great your fish are, you’ve probably given them names. On one particular page of the tropical fish magazine there are two articles, one about orange fish and the other about blue fish.

Your fish are all blue, you only like blue fish, in fact you think orange fish are quite ugly.

Which article will you read?

Clearly the reason behind why you only read certain articles is that you only read the ones that are of interest to ‘you’.

And this holds true when you are reading other news media, you only read the articles that apply to you.

This is just one of the ways I use to get the interested people in a market to read the sales copy of my clients.

Have you ever thought how powerful that could be if used that in your own advertising and promotional efforts?

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