The Terribly Tricky Tickle Test


Hello, nice to meet you.

I’m Ian Dove. Copywriter, persuader and scruffy looking Nerf herder. (waves virtually).

If you’ve ventured this far into my crazy world of wordy mayhem then you’re probably considering asking me to write something for you.


  • You don’t know if I’m a goofball or not.
  • You don’t want to be ripped off.


  • You need a good job done, on time.

Yeah, I can whistle till the cows come home over those, can’t I? And, you know it.

So, that’s why I devised the fiendishly cunning Terribly Tricky Tickle Test. (Where you get to test my copywriting skills out for free).

I did this because what you need to see from me is proof that I can do the job for YOU. My primary concern is YOUR results. Not something completely unrelated to you that I did for someone else. Which is why my site isn’t plastered with boastful brands and fake testimonials.

Anyway – on to the Tickle Test.

How it works: Simples. You are Testing me. Send me something of the written word you are not happy with.

  • An Email.
  • A webpage.
  • A brochure.
  • A blog post.
  • Facebook ad
  • A landing page

But hey, be fair, don’t send me War and Peace.

Though, I should say that if what you send ‘is’ too long, I’ll probably only tickle the first page for you.

That way, we can see how well each other communicates, whether things get delivered on time and with the right quality and hopefully we will like each other.

Then, if everyone is happy, we can talk cheese.

Probably the best bit of this is that you don’t even have to apply, just ping me over what you are thinking of and if I have questions I’ll email you back. No making inconvenient appointments that keep you tied up for ages. Fair?

You get to find out about me, and I’ll learn a bit about you. Nice safe date, right there.

EVERYONE will get a reply. If it all gets too much again and I have to wave a little white flag, then it will say so at the top of this page.

Ok, you can shriek for help by either filling out the form below or email your stuff to

Please remember to include a website or some source of context material so I can get the balance right.

I’m chomping at the bit and excited to get started, let’s go!

Note: when you send me your stuff it doesn’t mean that gives me permission to bug the hell out of you for work. What I’ll do is tickle your stuff up and send it back. If I don’t hear anything back within a week I’ll send a follow up and then you are on your own. My aim is to help as many people as possible and hopefully get some work out of it. Can’t say fairer than that can I? You are, of course, free to come back to me at any time, but in the spirit of fairness only one tickle each please.