Good question to ask a prospective copywriter

Have you ever done any face to face selling?

That’s it.

Why is this important?

Well, if you are hoping to hire a copywriter to increase or multiply your sales then, surely it makes sense to hire someone who has sold something.

Someone, who understands the process, the meanings behind common objections and how to counter them in their copy.

How to trial and alternate close.

How to channel the desires of the prospect towards your product.

How to use proof elements to support your claims.

For instance; I myself have sold many things, but probably the hardest was Pork Scratchings (Chicharrones, Pork Rinds) these are a traditional snack sold in Pubs and Bars here in the UK, and my delightful job was to go into these Pubs and Bars, cold, and sell them.

Generally, I would have an audience. Plumbers, bricklayers, scaffolders, you get the idea. All goofing off their jobs for the afternoon to get loose in the pub. I had some entertaining exchanges over the years, let’s just say that.

Selling is hard, and successfully selling in print is harder, choose your bedfellows wisely because there is no more expensive copy than copy that doesn’t work.